Thursday, March 17, 2011



Fatalists’ Review in Drum Media, Sydney, Australia Feb 2011:

“On Fatalists Hugo has revealed his penchant and undoubtable knack for writing death ballads which, whilst lying in the realm of traditional folk, exude a morose and at times fragile sonic quality. Whilst the solo work of Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard and Hugo Race all share aesthetic and aural similarities, they are also highly individual works from unique and creative figures. Here, one truly appreciates the fact that Race has perhaps created the opus which will define his long career.” (- Denise Granse)

Uncut **** UK Feb 2011:
Fine, broody album from former Bad Seed plus collaborators. Previously responsible for the vivid, ambient ranges of the instrumental album Between Hemispheres, Hugo Race follows up with a husky, song-based offering. The much travelled Race again brings his varied sense of atmosphere and backdrop to enhance the complex emotional states presented in these songs.

‘Hugo Race’s ‘ Fatalists’. An atmosphere combining a David Lynch film with a Cormac McCarthy novel…’
(- Lost Highways,

‘Hugo Race distances himself from the smokey enigma of a record like Taoist Priests and the rock atmosphere of his recent live performances, instead embracing the timeless classicism of American singer-songwriters where confession meets limitless open spaces. Race is dreamlike and metaphysical in the face of reality, using a poetic narrative drawn from the intangible. Without the shadow of a doubt this record is in the top titles of my playlist for this year.’
(- Freakout,, 2011)

‘The swirling hurricane sounds break open the ‘Fatalists’ like a lurking shadow that is closely following your every step, but not quite grabbing hold, Hugo’s voice ebbs and flows like breaking waves hitting the shore. As the album progresses, the song penetrates your being, squeezes your beating heart and just at the last minute before the blood is about to stop flowing, the voice lets go and the next song builds for a climax again. The whole album has these beautiful thematic sounds of the wild west and late night desert soul music. There is a picture inside the album cover of an empty road where fog is covering the end of it. This picture is a great metaphor for the album - you don’t know where the music is taking you; you might lose track upon the way but you never feel lost. This album is a strong achievement in Hugo’s long career. His career is diverse and with every album you know the journey won't end like the last one you took with him.’
(Mark Ireland –, Feb 2011,


05.05.11 St Gallen (CH) Grabenhalle
06.05.11 Bergamo (I) - Songwriters & Storytellers Festival, Auditorium Piazza Liberta
08.05.11 Santarcangelo (I) - Museo Civico (I)
10.05.11 Zielona Gora (PL) – Zielona Jadodajnia
11.05.11 Poznan (PL) – Dragon
12.05.11 Warsaw (PL) – CDQ
13.05.11 Krakow (PL) – RE
15.05.11 Berlin (D) – White Trash
17.05.11 Valeske Mezerici (CZ) – M Klub
18.05.11 Hranice Na Morave (CZ) – Zamecky
19.05.11 Kromeriz (CZ) – Stary Pivovar
20.05.11 Prague (CZ) – Jazz Dock
21.05.11 Beroun (CZ) – Pojistovna
10.06.11 Cagliari (I)

With Chris Brokaw

24.05.11 Langenau (D) – CafĂ© Kapilio
25.05.11 Zurich (CH) – El Lokal
27.05.11 Leinfelden (D) – Edenless Bar
28.05.11 Stuttgart (D) – Laboratorium

With Marta Collica (Sepiatone)

29.05.11 Varese (I) – Sur le Sofa