Saturday, August 28, 2010



RELEASE DATE 01.10.10 Vinyl version by Interbang Records (Italy). CD version by Gusstaff Records (Poland) thru Kudos UK.

Hugo Race’s new solo album “Fatalists” is raw, lyrically driven and centred around Hugo’s deep, soulful vocals. Recorded in Italy, guitarist Antonio Gramentieri (Sacri Cuori, Delavega), Arizonan violinist Vicky Brown (Desoto Caucus, Lilium, Calexico), percussionist Diego Sapignoli (Sacri Cuori, Delavega), and Dutch bassist Erik Van Loo (Willard Grant Conspiracy) create a melodic, acoustic sound that casts Hugo’s songwriting and voice in a whole new light.

“We all met up in an old villa in rural Italy on a cold autumn day. I’d just finished a month on tour with the True Spirit and in the tour’s closing stages had come down with pneumonia. Because most of the songs I had for Fatalists were about death, this seemed a fitting background, and for the duration of the recording sessions I was laid-up with a fever in a room adjacent to the studio. I could hear the band tracking my songs but couldn’t participate. So the sessions were really produced by Antonio and the other Fatalists, and they gave the songs a different slant. Having self-produced my recordings for a very long time I thought that here was a chance to step back and let a whole new album materialize, if I could just trust in the process. Cal and Andy mixed the album at the Mill studio on a hill overlooking the Southern Ocean where the wind blows in off the grey water with a cold metallic edge. There are few neighbours, and like the Cosabeat studio in the Romagna, a sense of nature and desolation and human insignificance predominates. I never planned to make this record, it just kind of happened – hence the title ‘Fatalists’ – because often fate has other plans for us...”

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