Wednesday, December 12, 2007


JUNE 22, 2007. 


 Koszalin, Poland. "Mwodzi i Film". 

 With Marta Collica - we flag a train out of Alexanderplatz across the flatlands headed east with a couple of guitars and a few effects. The landscape transforms after the border - as if we're going back in time. We're playing the afterparty at the Koszalin film festival. 

 Sepiatone shows are semi-acoustic duets, very minimal - we leave the loops and soundscapes behind when we play live. 

 We've been preparing the album Introduction to Sepiatone for U.S. label Minty Fresh Records. It's a compilation of our two albums, "In Sepiatone" and "Dark Summer", and Minty Fresh set the release for November 2007. Michelangelo Russo just completed a new video of Sepiatone for the U.S. debut... 

 Looking forward to the show tonight because amongst other things we'll be supported by the phenomenal Jacaszek. His "Lo-Fi Stories" album came out last year on Gusstaff Records, and we love its strange cosmos of hard editing and exotic melodies. 

 We changed trains at the border but there was no exchange - just a strange all-pervading sense of low-key chaos - so with no money and no food or water we kick back for the 5 hour journey to unfold... 


 Race, Brokaw and Eckman recording live at Sono. 

 The Dirt Music album is taped, but as yet unfinished. 

 The band plans to regroup in september. 

 Stay tuned... 

 Prague 1.6.2007 

 Dirt Music work their way around central Europe rain and shine. 

 Three guys driving one large van with Slovenian plates. 

 Plenty of room to stretch out and contemplate the landscapes passing. 

 Songs are taking shape in a nebulous way. 

 Find ourselves ultimately in Unhost Amerika...

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